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  1. You can read my reasoning on inthe other thread:-p
  2. None of the above. 5970, 480, and 5870's would be the 3 choices if you had 3 to choose from.
  3. Lol- maybe price is a concern bystander:-)
  4. Then I wouldn't compare them to a Lamborghini
  5. Lol- I actually missed that part of the poll title! Good call on that bystander. That would truly be the 5970.
  6. flyinfinni said:
    Lol- I actually missed that part of the poll title! Good call on that bystander. That would truly be the 5970.

    Or maybe 4 way GTX480 SLi
  7. why not just throw in 4x5970's?
  8. hey what we r talking about is 5770 best or not thats it, i just compared it with lamborghini.......... cause im using 5770
  9. The 260 is the fastest of the 3 you listed though I'd be hard pressed to call it a lamboughini from a performance standpoint.... however the price increase we've seen since November ($155) of the 260 (now at $215) do bring the words 'excess expense" to mind. The 4870 is very close to the 260.....the 4850 and 5770 about 10% behind.


    The value of the 5770 in particular is clearly not going to be in its performance. Compared to AMD’s 4870, it loses well more than it wins, and if we throw out Far Cry 2, it’s around 10% slower overall. It also spends most of its time losing to NVIDIA’s GTX 260, which unfortunately the 4870 didn’t have so much trouble with.
  10. Umm.. the 4850 is NOT equal in performance to the 5770. The 5770 is very close to the 4870 and GTX260, and the 5750 and 4850 are closer.
  11. My choice: A GTX480

    Reasoning: Just as much a power/gas guzzler and just as over priced, just like a Lamborghini!

    I would rather have a cr@p looking 1/4 mile racer with same/better performance than a Lamborghini for 1/4 the price. Or I could get a Top Fuel dragster for 1/3 the price.
  12. yah flyinfinni u r absolutly right mate................. thnx fr ur support
  13. thats great shadow then u will ride ur lamborghini with shadow effect...., thnx fr ur support
  14. No the GTX 260 is slower than the 5770, it is the 192 SP not the 216 SP version.

    The 5770 is the absolute fastest in the poll.
  15. 5770
  16. 5770 no question if that is the 192 core version.
  17. Good call AMW1011- didn't even notice it was the 192 SP version rather than the 216 SP version! 5770 then, is clearly the fastest and best here.
  18. Lol who say HD5770 is very close to the GTX260. Go on benchmar 5770 is better cart, speeder, and have better memory.Everyone know that this cart support DirectX11, OpenGL3.2, Shader-Vertex 5.00.
    Specionaly if you choise R5770 Hawk on MSI, with two fans and three headpipe (Twin Frozn II)
  19. Of the three cards the 5770 is the best, but I would have answered none of the above since the fastest cards are the 5870, 5970, and GTX480. :D
  20. yah tats for sure 5970 is my dream card and also the fastest card on planet ................... like LAMBORGHINI yuhuuuuuuuuuuu
  21. here one more question to all guys is that gtx260(216SP) = or > ATI5770
  22. the 216SP GTX260 is a little faster, but is not DX11, doesn't have Eyefinity, uses much more power, is much more expensive, etc. That means, I would still go 5770:-)
  23. According to this http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/MSI/HD_5830_Twin_Frozr_II/29.html Yes about 1 % faster on average.
  24. what is texture fillrate and pixelfillrate, i reffered in gpureviews site what Misko195 and some more guys said, in that gtx260 having more pixel and texture fillrates than 5770.......................... does this effect any gaming performance

    and that toooo in 5770 card the AA setting for BF : BC2 showing only 1x, and all other are good high end(AF=16xQ), wats the problem with this oneee
  25. Whatever the numbers are, they affect gaming, but it doesn't really matter- looking at the actual performance numbers tells you a WHOLE LOT more than the fillrates.
  26. and what abt the BF BC2 AA settings like i mentioned in above comment
  27. I'm not sure about that as I don't have BF:BC2. Sorry
  28. k no prob. bro
  29. hey flyinfinni my PC aftr somtime turning off, as i said before im having 5770 card with zebronics PSU 450W, is this one card or PSU problem.........
  30. more likely its the PSU. still 5770 doesn't use much power, but zebronics is NOT a good brand, so its a good possibility. There could be other things going on though, but without more info, I can't tell you more.
  31. my PC makes lots of noise while starting, and after 1.5min it will make a beep sound to startup.......... perviously im using 8600GT at that time by pressing the power button it ill starts up quickly.....but now i dono whats the prob.......
  32. That could definitely be a PSU- I would replace it with a decent one and see what happens (something like a crosair 450W or even 400W would be good.)
  33. for sure ill change that blady ZEBRONICS
  34. Good call- let us know if it works out:-)
  35. yah im moving to corsair HX550W yahuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  36. nice man- that is a very nice PSU:-)
  37. will u give me the prices of corsair for india 450W,550W,600W
  38. I don't know prices for India, and its hard for me to know where to look since I have no idea what Indian companies are legit and which are crappy. You'll probably need to talk to somebody who knows about this type of thing IN India.
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