I have an asus m4a785td-evo motherboard, amd phenomx4 945 denab cpu, 4 gigs 1333 mem, 800w pwer supply,thermaltake m9 black edition case.1 46" lcd 1080p tv and 1 24" lcd monitor. my question is, what would be the best video card to get that wouldn't bottleneck cpu. will be playing games like, badcompany2, crissis 2, and racing games.
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  1. do you have a budget?

    look into ATI 5850
  2. would like to stay under $500.00
  3. ATI 5850 or 5870 will do the trick
  4. thanks for the info.
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    5850 or 5870 would be solid choices. The GTX480 will also work for you, but its right at the $500 limit, and its not worth an extra $100 over the 5870. The GTX 470 is there as well, but its not worth the $50 over the 5850.
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