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Im looking to upgrade my computer on the cheap until I can get some more money saved up. I have just enough money to get an older dual core processor but I dont know if it will work on my motherboard or not.

I have an old AM2 motherboard running a AMD Athlon 64 3800+ and the processor Im looking at is:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Brisbane 2.9GHz Socket AM2 65W Dual-Core Processor ADO5600IAA5DO - OEM. My question is will this proc run on the motherboard I already have? I dont know what brand it is other than its an ACER computer with Acer motherboard that came with it. Thanks in advance for any info and help.
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  1. without knowing the motherboard we cannot say for sure. its likely to work fine, since the socket compatibility is okay. but the Motherboard may not support CPUs of a higher TDP, or may require a BIOS update for a dual core.

    can you get inside the PC to take a look at the mobo, and get a model number?
  2. Quote:
    He already has a dual core.

    The cpu should work fine on that board but no way to know for sure without knowing the make and model. What chipset is it?

    If not, you can always get a E3200/3300/3400 and G41 motherboard or E5200/5300/5400 and G41 for $100 or less. Highly overclockable, 45nm wolfdale. Cheap.

    Either option would be faster than a 5600+.

    Actually the CPU I have isnt a dual core. Its only a Athlon 64 3800+ Single core. Thats why I was wanting to upgrade to the dual core if it would work on my motherboard. That way I dont have to buy another motherboard and more RAM.

    On the board it has HT2000 and/or MCP61SM-AM. One of those the model number???
  3. Ok thanks for the advice. Man being on a fixed income really sucks nuts when you are a computer gamer and need all the latest tech! LOL. Thanks again everyone.
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