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Hi everyone! I'm planning on ordering a computer from ibuypower and I wanted to get some advice. I know I could (theoretically) build it myself and save like $200, but I've never installed a single component in my life so I don't want to do that. Slowly buy surely I've been researching each component, and I think I've ended up with a good build...take a look:

NZXT Guardian 921(case), Intel i5 750(CPU), Liquid CPU Cooling system, 4GB Corsair XMS3 Dominator(RAM), NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 1GB(GPU), SLI EVGA P55 V(MOBO), 850 W Corsair CMPSU(PSU), 500 GB (HD), Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio(Sound), Windows 7 64 bit(OS), and then I was going to shell out the $50 for the three advanced build options: Packaging system, Tuniq TX-2 Thermal compound, and professional wiring.

My plan is to buy another GTS 250 in the near future to run SLI. My concerns are focused on my motherboard (will it suffice? is everything compatable?) and slightly on my PSU (750 W is required for SLI GTS 250! Is this enought excess supply?). Also, do any of you have any feedback on the "Advanced Build Options"? My final question would be, am I better off to just run a single GPU (GTS 250) to prevent heat issues and upgrade to a GTX later? If I did that I could save a little $ on my PSU right? Thanks for the help!
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  1. Please, please do not buy from iBuyPower! It is extremely simple and fun to build your own computer. Have a look over at tecmo's Step-By-Step Guide to get an idea of how easy it is :)

    As for your components, there's a Build Advice form in my signature that you could fill out. My recommendation, though, are:

    Switch out the Dominators for something cheaper if possible 1333-1600MHz with CL7.
    Get a better GPU than the 250 if you plan on gaming - 5770 or 5850.
    Drop down to a 750W PSU max, but make sure it is a reliable one.
    Make sure that isn't a Hitachi or other like brand HDD.
    Drop the sound card.
    You don't need special thermal paste and I have no clue as to what "packaging system" or "professional wiring" are but I surely would not pay for them.

    I don't mean to be harsh, I just think you would be much happier building it and picking out the parts yourself with some guidance.
  2. jbakerlent My problem with building it myself is that I'd have to set up shop at a friends house because I don't have another computer (I'm writing this from work) to view guides and videos throughout the building process. However, I may buckle down and do just that.

    Regarding RAM: it was a FREE upgrade from regular 4GB to Corsair Dominators, and what's "CL7"? (NEWB)
    Regarding GPU: all my (supposed) computer savy friends spit on ATI, but If I need that expensive of a GPU I might have to save up more $
    Regarding PSU: do you know which PSU's are reliable or not?
    Agreed on the HDD
    Drop the sound card...really? why?

    "packaging system" is basically a foam padding they put inside the case to prevent components from shifting/coming loose, and "professional wiring" is their way of "maximizing airflow in the chasis" by eliminating slack and grouping wires (I think)!

  3. 1) I would print out a few guides off the internet to use as a reference.
    2) CL7 refers to the latencies of the DIMMs - something like 7-7-7-21
    3) Your computer savvy friends are sadly misinformed :)
    4) I didn't see whether or not you will be playing games in your original post so you may not need that much graphical power
    5) If you link me the options I will suggest the best one. The 850W Corsair is fine, you just might be paying too much for it when you don't really need it.
    6) Onboard sound is plenty good enough for almost everyone, it's just generally not worth the extra cost.
    7) The packaging system sounds like a good idea, but I would just tidy up the wiring rather than pay them to wire it professionally.
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    I would just use Hyper212+ for CPU cooling, no need for liquid cooling. Or, if you are not planning to Overclock, just use the stock cooler
    Get rid of the sound card if you are saving money, onboard sound is more than adequate on motherboards, you really won't notice the difference.

    Assuming you want to play games, bin that GTX250. If your friends spit on ATI that is their loss, they are clearly stuck in the past when ATI drivers were lacking (though ATI fans will deny that). Take it from me, someone who has for the first time in his computer gaming life bought an ATI card - they aer good, not just good but the best around (if there is anything to spit on it is Nvidias latest cards-lousy design had me turn to ATI for the first time)

    With money saved on sound card and cooling you are closer to having a decent card 5770 I guess as 5850 too much money for you.

    If you did build yourself that means the $50 extra you were going to spend is not needed, (also thermal compound not needed unless Overclocking ALOT) and of course you save money on the actually you may be able to afford a 5850
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