Can GPU improve video quality or it can help CPU? If yes, how?


I am new here so please be gentle if my question was answered already and I didn't see it. I was wondering if the GPU can improve video quality, if it's used or can be used to do so. From what I know, a camera connected to the pc uses just CPU. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I have these details: one videoconferencing camera connected to the pc with a Intel E8400 (3GHz) CPU throught a Leadtek TV2000 XP tv tunner by S-Vid cable. My question is: if I put in a good graphic card, let's say an NVidia 9xxx with 512DDR2 and 256 bits, there can be some improvements to the video quality ? I just heard that from someone and I can't find an answer. If the graphic card can improve the quality, how can I do it? I suppose that I must use some software. Another problem is that I must use Adobe Flash Media Encoder 3 to broadcast the image to my website and the CPU is used a lot by this software. I was wondering if I can use the same GPU to help the CPU.

Also, how can I choose a good tv-tunner or capture card that has options for brightness, contrast, etc. and compresses the video a lot without loosing quality? I don't know if this question can be answered in this area, but I don't know where to ask it. After all, it is related to video.

Please don't throw things at me, I am looking for a solution to improve how much I can the video quality and I tried many things that don't help me.

Thank you for your patience and help!
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  1. Your video card can perform filtering on a video to make look better (de-noise,sharper,deinterlace[removes annoying lines in action],color correct evt). This is easy to activate in most video card control panels. But since this is post processing, it may not(most likely will have no effect) help if you are streaming the video to the net.

    The video card can also do some compression work and other general things for streaming video. It however requires software that knows how to use it.

    To make things worse ATI and Nvidia use different ways to do this meaning you have to check each software to see what it supports.

    Just so you know, most modern cards are HARDWARE based and do all the work on the card now, so they compress the video for you, but this also means some software does not get along with it. So once again, you are gonna have to see if there is a supported card list for Adobe Media Encoder.
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