Celeron T3300 vs AMD Athlon Ql-65

Which is the best processor for a low end gaming laptop : I have the choice of Celeron T3300 or AMD Athlon Ql-65
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  1. I don't know about the celeron, but I have the QL62 in my laptop and it handles low end games quite well. I play Heroes of might and Majic III, IV, and V regularly.
    I should mention that the QL-62 gets quite hot while streaming video.

    Proably either CPU is capable, for gaming I would be more interested in the graphics chip provided. I have a nVidia 8200M for comparison.

    Here's a comprehensive list of laptop video chipsets:
  2. I had a laptop with a Athlon X2 QL-65 and it ran pretty hot, not too bad though. It would probably perform similarly to the Celeron T3300. I'd go with the Celeron T3300 instead.
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