Card- sapphire radeon 5750
Tv-Insignia 720p 30inch hdtv
Connections- (card)DVI (VGA adapter), DVI, HDMI (tv) component, svideo

I am trying to use a vga to component cable to connect my pc to my tv, but no video comes through, even at 800*600. Is there any other hardware i need to connect like this? or am i just screwed?

also, is there another way to come from hdmi/dvi/vga(adapter) to component that would work better?
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  1. Is component the only option?

    if so, you may be out of luck.
    as far as im aware, the only way to convert a digital HD signal into an analogue HD signal is through the use of a very expensive upconverter.
    since you are trying to put the wrong kind of signal into your tv, a normal socket converter is not going to work. you need something to actively convert the signal into one your TV is capable of decoding.
  2. Use DVI or HDMI link to your HDTV
  3. leon2006 said:
    Use DVI or HDMI link to your HDTV

    EDITED. having a bad day, a little harsh. but general gist: read the post before answering, or you aren't helping anyone.
  4. Just realised i think the TV is 30Hz? If so i must set the refresh rate down to match correct? This may be why there is no picture, but i have no other DVI adapter to connect the monitor at the same time to attempt to adjust. Blah. =(
  5. i would be mighty shocked if they actually make HDTVs that run at 30hz.

    im pretty sure the problem is as i stated before, you are trying to put a digital signal into an analogue intput. the TV is not capable of decoding it, and so does not display.
    you need something capable of decoding the signal into analogue, but thats expensive.
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