Bad company 2 pc requirements ati 3200 hd

Hello, i have a hp vista with 4g of ram and processor amd Turin x2 dual core and 2.10ghz. im wodering if BFBC2 would run ok in my system. any help?
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  1. Ummm.... sure... you can probably run it.... at 800*600 @30fps. :lol:
  2. Ha ha ha... no, I don't even think you could pull 800 X 600 @ 30 FPS with that. There's no way I would consider dropping $40-$50 for that game with your system specs. Your best bet is to find a friend who has it on Steam and have him sign on to his Steam account on your computer and take it for a spin. This is totally legal and allowed by Steam.
  3. long story short, spend some cash on a dedicated graphics card. there are a couple of gpu's out there that don't require an additional power plug from the power supply to them, that would play that game decent. need to know what your power supply is before recommending any larger graphics cards.
  4. wait, turin? is this a laptop your trying to play the game on???? if thats the case your screwed.
  5. ^ :lol: Yeah, I was going to say upgrade, but noticed OP had a laptop.
  6. Here is a great site to tell if and how well you can run just about game on the market. Just selct your game from the drop down list and click the Can I Run It button.

    Quick edit i just ran that tool and to save you trouble you can't run it, and with your specs it may not even install for you.
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