How to format partiotion currepted hard disk

i couldn.t format my hard disk .perhaps that partition has been corrupted then how i resolve this problem.only drive space show but C,D,E,F Partition doesn.t showing...plz help me contact no.09911307898
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  1. How did U try to format it? With some utility? At the windows setup screen by booting from xp cd?
    U can try by recovery console :
    Boot from xp cd, press r (recovery console) , press win instalation(usually 1), press enter
    Type password if U have one, if not just press enter.

    format x: /q

    replace x with the drive you want to format
    q means quick

    U also have more options like the type of file system to use
    example to use ntfs type
    format x: FS:NTFS /q

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