Need PSU advice for new computer [novice]

Hello people, im currently assembling a new desktop and i wanted to know if im going in the right direction with my selection.

Im currently building a Core i7 940 with an asus P6T MB, 6gb ram tri channel, 8800 GTS 512mb and possibly might SLI with another 8800GTS

The rest of the components are basic, 1 dvd drive, 1 dvd burner, sata hd 7200 i believe.

Im pretty much thinking about getting this

or this

Im kind of on a budget here. Will 750 do? or must i aim higher for my build. Im not planning on OC'ing

Thanks Guys
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  1. No comparison, the Antec TP-750 is a lot better than the ultra unit. 750 will do quite well, and can support two higher end cards without a problem.
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