SATA Controllers & RAID-1

I have a photography studio build with ASUS Sabertooth Z77.

2x Intel 6Gb/s
2x Intel 3Gb/s

2x ASMedia 6Gb/s
2x ASMedia 3Gb/s

I have 1 SSD For OS plugged into one of the 6Gb/s Intel ports.

I need to set up 2x2TB HDD 6Gb/s into a RAID-1 mirror setup.

Which remaining ports should I use to set this up.

As of right now I am leaning on doing 2x Intel 3Gb/s ports, or is it possible to put one drive in the 6gb/s and one in the 3gb/s.

This will be a software raid done in 10.7.4 Lion Disk Utility.
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  1. Connect your HDDs to the Intel 3Gb/s port.

    Hard drives cannot spin fast enough to saturate 3Gb/s ports, let alone 6Gb/s ports, so you will suffer no loss in performance with the drives connected to the 3Gb/s ports.
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