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Atium64.dll and atiumdag.dll

Hi guys,

I'm having some problems with running some games and the windows experience index... the experience index goes about part way through and tells me that atium64.dll is the failed module, and with games it says atiumdag.dll is the failed module... I don't know what to do, I tried using different drivers and formatting my hard drive and re-installing win 7... no luck. Any help with this would be great thanks.

ATI HD5770 1GB
500W PSU
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  1. Did u try install the latest version?
    or even the old one(which came with the CD)?
    make sure u are download it from ATI site:
  2. yep, i tried the newest one just 10 minutes ago, and i did one that came on the cd with my gpu
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    If you have tried the latest drivers from ati and also the ones from the cd provided with the card ontop of a fresh install of your win7, then you may have a faulty card. How old is the card? and is rma'ing it to the store of purchase an option? I am in Ontario canada and most of the shops i deal with have a 15-30 day direct replacement policy. I have installed alot of these cards in new builds for people over the past few months and i have not incountered this problem. Your specs are more then enough for this card because on most of the budget to midrange gaming rigs i build i only use an E7600 3.06 cpu 4gigs of ddr2 1066 ram and a 450watt ocz fatal1ty series psu with win7 ultimate.
  4. i re-installed win 7 (3rd time) and for some reason that did it.
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