Does the CPU or the motherboard (or both) need to be replaced?

The computer stopped working, in a previous question I detailed all the stuff that I did to it trying to find the problem. But I just got POST card so it all narrowed down to a "no-c" code which means the CPU is faulty. I did again all the procedures that may make it work and are also recommended in the POST card manual (removed, put it back in, new thermal paste, cleaned fan, by the way it was completely clogged with dust right between the fan and the CPU when I started working on it).

The machine does go into BIOS and I can change stuff around if I want with out shutting down (which is what it does when I try to run anything else, including Windows repair disk).

Do I need to change the CPU or also the motherboard?

Thank you!!!

ps. This is the other thread before I got the POST card,
** Add to that I already tested with two other Power supply units.
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  1. I have identical equipment and now the same issue. What did you finally have to do? CPU or motherboard or both?

    Edit: I just found out I needed a new motherboard.
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