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Gamming pc 2000 $$

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July 19, 2010 11:54:16 PM

Hello from Brazil ! So I'll describe the situation... As said Im braziliam and the costs for a good pc here are diferent from US.
Right now im willing to throw @ 2000usd on a new computer that will mainly be for the porpose of multitasking while playing the upcoming FFXIV (september 22 ).
So i have many doubts about which way to go with this machine ... Do i go i7 or x6 , what motherboard to use , psu , graphic card , memory brand etc ... So I really need help.

Here are some decisions i've already made after some research:

crossfire / SLI : [ yes ]
amount of RAM : [ 12gb ddr3 1600 ]

and some prices of the braziliam market :

ATI 5970-----> 1700,00 R$ =~ 840,00 U$
fermi EVGA gtx480----> 1500,00 R$ =~ 720,00 U$
fermi EVGA gtx465----> 865,00 R$ =~ 390,00 U$
XFX gtx 295 ---> 1000,00 R$ =~ 430,00 U$
XFX ati 5770 ----> 450,00 R$ =~ 240,00 U$
XFX ati 5830 ----> 678,00 R$ =~ 360,00 U$
phenon II x4 955 BE ----> 408,00 R$ =~ 187,00 U$
x6 1090t ---> 759,00 R$ =~ 330,00 U$
x6 1055 ---> 500,00 R$ =~ 234,00 U$
intel i5 750 ---> 485,00 R$ =~ 221,00 U$
intel i7 920 ---> 700,00 R$ =~ 317,00 U$
intel i7 930 ---> 755,00 R$ =~ 328,00 U$
intel i7 960 ---> 1500,00 R$ =~ 720,00 U$
intel i7 980x ---> 2500,00 R$ =~ 1190, 00 U$

As you can see we have some absurd prices mainly on the intel/nvidia stuff ... anyway the budget is 2k usd to make it go smooth on FFXIV ... Tips anyone ? :o 

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July 20, 2010 3:57:10 AM

Well, first of all, FFXIV will not be that demanding. Reason Is that it's also a console game. The last FF was ported up from console to PC, meaning it was made for console and then tweaked for PC. That being said it doesn't have the best graphics etc. But if they do make it for PC then port it down to console ( Highly Unlikely ) it could have some potential.

You could get away with playing that game either way with a $800-1000 computer.

Another point is, 12GB of ram would be a waste. There is a thread ( having trouble finding it ) about Ram and how much is used during gaming. They could play Crysis Maxed with 3GB of ram. Of course you will need more for background apps etc. But 3gigs was used just by the game. ( Its a Toms Hardware thread btw ) So with 12GB of ram you need either 3x4GB or 6x2GB. As of right now Intel is the only cpu that can do Triple channel, and there are a limited number of motherboards that support triple channel. You could run it in single channel, but that would be a huge waste stuffing 12GB down 1 channel.

But if you have the budget, and want a 2 grand computer, here's something that I would recommend. I threw this together in a few min so It will need some fine tuning. But its the general idea.


GPU x2


MOBO Great over clocker, with core unlock features and plenty of expansion.


SDD Throw your OS on here and maybe your FF game.



Then chose a Full tower Case


Thats just a general Idea, and you didn't specify if you needed a monitor, keyboard, mouse etc, but there is a little room in your budget for those still.

Hope this helps
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July 20, 2010 4:09:24 AM

Since you have a high enough budget, i suggest going with an i7 930 for your build, the higher end i7s are wastes of money for slightly faster clocks you can get yourself with OCing for free.

Here is my suggestion
i7 930
Nice X58 board from ASUS or Gigabyte
3x2GB kit of DDR3 1333 or 1600MHz ram, if there is a significant difference in price for the slightly higher speed go for the cheaper one, you wont be restricted by memory speed
nVidia GTX 460 1GB model if you can find them, they are new and perform quite well at their price point
A 750W PSU from Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, or Antec, it should have ~60A between its 12V rails
1TB Samsung F3 and maybe a small SSD for windows if you want
A nice full tower case like an Antec 1200, HAF 932/HAF X, or another that you like the looks of.
A good CPU cooler, which one really depends on the pricing in your area though, but you can see how they compare at frostytech.

That should come in well under 2k even with the price difference, you can add a second GTX 460 in SLI if you need more graphics power.
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July 20, 2010 5:47:58 AM

460 isn't to bad. I'm leaning to ATI these days though. For multiple reasons. But I won't get into an ATI vs Nvidia debate.

The main reason I'm going with an ATI 5 series is Eyefinity. Wider vision = advantage. Yes Nvidia can use 3 monitors to, but its just not as smooth. People are playing Crysis with a resolution of 7680x1600. Thats impressive. ( 3 monitors ) Good video of an example of some Eyefinity game play.

The recommendation from hunter is good, I was reaching more to fill that 2 grand budget like I said for half that you can run Final Fantasy no problem. I will throw together another quick option.







Plus a storage HDD and a case/cpu cooler

Thats all around 1100 bucks, and thats a smokin machine. You could spend the extra money and get a nice monitor or maybe 3
July 27, 2010 5:13:34 AM

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