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I had 2GB of DDR2 667MHz of RAM installed in my machine- 2x1GB matching. The properties in 'My Computer' were recognizing 1.97GB. Recently, I have upgraded to 4GB of the same type and speed of RAM- 2x2GB matching. I am aware that XP 32 rarely, if at all, will 'see' all the installed RAM. Now the machine only sees 2.61GB. Certainly it should see more than that- like somewhere around 3.0GB-3.50GB. Can anyone please offer some advice and/or suggestions as to why I may not be seeing any more RAM than I am?
Thank you in advance for your input.
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  1. Check your "memory mapping" setting in the board bios and enable it if required. 3.0 is the max for 32 bit xp; you can lower your onboard video ram and possibly get a higher reading. 32 mb is enough for most aps.
  2. I have an SLI rig that only sees 2.50 GB of RAM in WIndows XP.

    The amount of RAM Windows XP sees is reduced from the 4GB address space for every discrete card you plug into the motherboard and an IGP if you have one since memory address space has to be reserved/allocated for communication to each device.

    What is your complete system specification?
  3. Define "how" you determined {...machine only sees 2.61GB} VALUE in Window XP?? Available in XP simple means unused e.g. less Apps + OS.

    Run msinfo32.exe -- what VALUE is listed as "Total Physical Memory"? Do NOT confuse Window's 7 Resource Monitor Total vs Installed with anything Windows XP offers.
  4. Thanks, guys for the replies. jaquith- I determined the 2.61GB value in both 'System' and My Computer>Properties>General, and they both agree.
    ko888- Specs: Windows XP Pro 32bit
    P4 2.93GHz Prescott
    ASUS goldfish 3
    Corsair VX450 PSU
    WD500GB Blue HDD 16MB cache 7200rpm
    PNY/nVidia GS8400 512MB video card
    The video card is the only item that was added that is a plug in and discrete.
    0 1 die- I am not sure I understand your reference to 'memory mapping' setting in the mobo BIOS. Could you explain the procedure in a little detail please? The only thing I did was change the boot.ini OS name adding the /PAE to the end of the OS.
  5. In the BIOS:
    Load Defaults
    {look for the onboard GPU/VGA -> Disable or use the least amount of RAM}

    In Windows:
    Device Manager [+] Display Adapters
    right-click Disable the 'onboard GPU'

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    More importantly, this will explain why you only see 2.5GB RAM: http://members.cox.net/slatteryt/RAM.html

    If you'd like, I can mail you my Windows XP 64-bit since I have 4 copies of Win 7 Pro and won't be going back. Let me know if you'd like it.
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  9. good article on the 32 bit RAM scenario. I had a feeling that my gpu was hogging some. dalauder- how's that 64bit XP disk?...is that version stable, and is it the full retail version?...I'm interested, for this old machine. Not sure if it'll work with P4, though. Was gonna put a new board and cpu in it, but haven't decided yet.
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