Which gpu should i go for?

Hello... I want to improve my gaming experience and want to know which of these cards will better suit my setup:

HD 4870
HD 4890
HD 5770
HD 5830
9800 GX2
GTX 260
GTX 275

i listed this ones because according to the hierarchy chart they have a similar performance and price.. here are my specs:

Asus P5K-SE
Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2.4GHz (stock)
3gb RAM
HD 3850 512 Mb
460w psu (some crap brand)
Windows Xp 32-bit
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  1. Whats your rez on your monitor ? I would also replace that PSU before i pay good money for a new GPU
  2. damn i knew i forgot something.... im currently gaming at 1680*1050 so 512Mb and up should be enough.. right?
  3. @ that rez I would go for a HD5770 for good FPS or HD 5850 for grate FPS
  4. you sure my current setup wont bottleneck the 5850?.. sorry to be troubling, but im just a noob at this
  5. If you're not overclocking, don't put more than an HD5770 in there.

    If you're willing to get it to 3ghz, go for an HD5850 or an HD5830.
  6. That E6600 is still a ok CPU

    Would the HD 5850 bottle neck the CPU maybe a little, but you will still get grate improvement from it over your current GPU and it would fit nicely into a new system down the road.

    You could OC that cpu to 3 gigs easy to avoid any bottle neck
  7. The 5770 is fine for 1650 x 1050 in DX11 .... 1920 x 1200 on DX9/10
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