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I have a Media Center m7780n desktop. It stopped powering up, I tested it with an older HP power supply that powered the MB, however doesn't have all the right connections. So I purchased an exact replacement power supply and now this new one will not power the PC either.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Perhaps your new power supply is faulty. Does the power supply power up using the paper clip trick? Have you fitted any additions to your computer like graphics card etc.?
  2. Hi,

    If the power supply is faulty then both are, while the older one still fires the CPU fan. I know, weird.

    No, nothing new on the PC, worked great one night, did not power up the next day.

  3. Hi, and yes, I just did the paper clip test on both PS, both work.

  4. Well then if what you are saying is true I would get another much bigger power supply and try that, if you still have the same problem then I would think that there is something wrong with the motherboard (look for bulging tops on the capacitors).
  5. probably a bad mobo.
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    +1 for motherboard.

    To check just remove everything from your motherboard, RAM, Vid Card, CPU, Disconnect HDD's. Then see if it powers on, if no, then MB is gone. If it powers on, just add 1 component at a time (not while it is powered on obviously) until you find the one that is causing the problem.
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