Blank screen lockup PNY 9800gt

Hi, I am having problems with my screen suddenly going blank and not every recovering until hard reboot. I suspect my video card is overheating, but I am not sure. It is extremely hot to the touch (though I never really had a reason to touch it before), but sometimes it will work fine. I am hoping it is the video card because everything else in the computer is new as of December besides the graphics which is more than a year old. Does anyone have any ideas?



Windows 7 Ultimate
4gb dual channel ddr3
core i5 2.66
nvidia 9800gt 1gb ddr3 (PNY)
Antec 850 psu
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  1. You could try using Riva tuner to speed up the fans and see if this helps the heat problem.
  2. Have you cleaned the cooler on the card? If it has not been done for a year there is bound to be some dust and lint in there that will affect the cooling.
  3. I've cleaned the card and it still has been going blank. I put my roommates extra 8600 in to see if it will perform ok. So far it has not crashed on me. I guess it may be time to upgrade to a gtx260. I really wanted to wait for the price drop when the 400 series is out. Any suggestions?
  4. The GTX260 is overpriced at the moment it costs about $50 more than the HD5770 that is newer tech, more energy efficient and performs about the same.
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