Searching for aspire 5515 WinXP x64 Drivers!

Hello, I've got this old Aspire 5515 Laptop and ive been upgrading it to the best of my ability.

I downgraded this machine from Vista 32bit to XP_pro 32bit and I ran into a bunch of issues. I managed to figure out almost all of the problems except a couple things.

I cant find SATA drivers for xp so i had to go into my BIOS and switch the SATA thing to "IDE Native" just to get it to work. Im looking for these drivers if they even exists. Also, after working out all the issues with the downgrade Ive decided i want to put Win_xp_pro SP2 x64 on this machine but before doing so and i went on a hunt for x64 drivers for xp for aspire 5515. no luck! I have the OS but I cant install it tell I find x64 drivers.
Its my understanding 32bit drivers will not work on x64. i want x64 so i can use all my ram and increase my page file among other things.

laptop came with 3gb ram and AMD Athlon processor 2650e with vista.

Laptop now has 4gb ram and AMD Athlon x2 duel 2.1GHz 4050e running XP 32bit
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  1. SATA drivers for an old OS setup are usually supplied by the motherboard manufacturer, but on modern motherboards few people bother with that method these days. It's easier just to simply change the SATA mode setting in the BIOS, as you have done already, so that requires no further attention.

    The drivers, however, are a different matter because there are no 64-bit XP drivers for the Aspire 5515, and 32-bit ones will not even install, let alone work.

    If you want to be able to use more than 4GB RAM, you will have to install 64-bit Vista. Acer have the correct drivers for that.
  2. hmm.. Ok, do you think windows 7 x64 would run better then vista on this machine with the way I have it setup now? Im using this laptop for old games like Doom3, HalfLife2, unreal tournament2004, Evil Dead Regeneration and emulators ps1 n64 snes.

    Would finding x64 drivers for win7 on aspire 5515 possible? ...also uhm, my video card uses hyper transfer memory.. thats ram right? i have no dedicated video memory so im think if I put the fastest possible ram in the comp it will help.

    anyways thanks, just need an opinion vistaX64 or win7 x64
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