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Hello all, first post. I am running Ubuntu 10.10, and i have been having a problem with the external hard drives that i have connected via usb 3.0. When i boot up my pc, after logging in, it freezes. I have wired it down to my portable hd's being the issue. when i unplug them and restart the pc, all goes fine. So what i have done was, chose to not boot my hard drives when starting pc. i have to start them manually. But the freezing still happens once in a while. I was told that it may be a bios setting causing the issue, and i cant confirm this.

this pic below is a screen i would sometimes get when starting my pc. notice the names of the drives in the brackets [sdn], [sdm], etc. Those are the letters of my usb 3.0 drives.

now, i have another usb drive, 2.0, and it boots up without any problems. Can someone help me with this issue. Ive posted it on the ubuntu forums and they implied it may be a hardware issue, so i came here for some answers. If you need further information, please let me know. Thanks.
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