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I'm looking at extending the life on my current PC another year till I can use my Tax refund to buy a new Quad-core machine.

Currently, I'm running:

AMD Athlon 64 4000+ 2.4ghz
1GB ram
win XP
GEForce 7300 GT (AGP)

For internet/music etc its fine as is. I don't watch movies on my computer at all.

For Gaming, namely World of Warcraft, it does ok, but the framerate drops into the basement when there are lots of people around/lots of effects and such.

So. Instead of dropping 800-1000$ on a new machine, I thought I'd try putting in 100$ on a new video card.

Looking at the chart here:,2569-6.html

My 7300 is fairly far down the chart.

My first couple of choices from poking at Newegg and Tigerdirect:

Any thoughts? Better Recomendations? Am I buying too much card for an older machine?
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  1. HIS Radeon HD 4670 IceQ would be the best card, but I'm not sure whether your CPU can handle it.
  2. I would pick the Gigabyte HD4650 from newegg out of those the price difference up to the HD4670 cards is simple to much and the 4650 probably wont see bottleneck from your CPU.
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