What would be better for me, 600W or 750W PSU?

I'm going to be performing upgrades to my PC/building a new PC altogether, and I'd like to know what I can expect out of a 600W PSU vs one above that. I'm new to PSU's and I'm not sure what the problem would be if I didn't have something over 600W. Would it limit my overclock? If so, how much?
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  1. Depends on the 600W unit and the 750W unit you are looking at. A good 500-550W unit with ~40A between its 12V rails is fine for any single GPU, a 750W unit with ~60A on its 12V rails is fine for most CF or SLI setups.

    if you are considering a good 600W unit vs a crappy 750W unit you will be limited by the crappy unit. In general a PSU is a good investment, if you pick up a good 750W unit its unlikely that you will need to upgrade it for atleast 5 years and its warranty will likely go out that far or farther.
  2. By any chance would you happen to know if an aBX Black-600 is a good enough PSU?
  3. What are you going to be putting into the system that will determine if its good enough for your needs.

    I cant seem to find that unit anywhere, let alone reviews of it, can you post a link to it?
  4. So far I'm planning on an ASUS motherboard with either an i5-750 or i7-860, 4 to 6 GB RAM, a 640 GB SATA hard drive @ 7200 RPM, and an ATI 4350 (512MB) GPU. Please note that the hard drive, 4 GB RAM, and GPU are components I already have. I plan on overclocking my CPU regardless of which one I get.

    EDIT: Hmm...can't find the power supply either...
  5. A 4350? I assume this system isnt going to be used for gaming. A corsair 450VX would provide plenty of power for that setup.
  6. Actually I do plan on using this for gaming, but I'm still an inexperienced system builder.
    NOTE: I also forgot to mention I'm planning on using an Arctic cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 CPU Fan (or simply put air powered cooling).
  7. Well a 4350 is far from capable for gaming, you are going to want to upgrade that to atleast a 4670 or a 5670 to get good gaming performance. You probably want to fill out the template and we can help you pick out a complete build that will fare well and stay within your budget.
  8. Well just for the moment I plan to stick with the 4350. At least until after I upgrade the mobo/CPU. I don't have a job yet so I don't get a whole lot of money. :(
  9. Well save yourself some money and go with an AM3 setup and get a better graphics card with the money saved. 4350 is only good for HTPC or IGP replacement.
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