Homebuilt computer having POST problems

Whenever I turn on my computer, the Boot_led light flashes red quickly before turning off and the CPU_led light also flashes red before quickly turning off.

I am attempting to put this computer together right now and have had varying success...but i have never gotten past the CPU light being solid red.

MOBO: Asus p8p67 pro
CPU: intel i5 2500k
RAM: super talent ddr3 1600 (4gigs x 2 sticks)
stock cooler
chiefmax 750w PSU
Vid card; gtx 470
Power Supply (model number, or company and wattage at least)
1 TB hard drive and a 60 gig SSD

The first thing I did was put everything together yesterday. I fully installed all the components - ram, psu, mobo, cpu, cords, etc. I finalized hardware installation today and confirmed that all locations had proper power connections.

When i attempted to start my computer, I had 1 problem. The CPU LED came up solid red, but everything else seemed to be running. no lights on at all for the boot, mem, or vga led. I did get a bright green light for the light next to the CMOS jumper, which i assume is the power supply light as it goes solid green whenever i have my PSU plugged in.

I removed my mobo and reinstalled the gold standoffs properly. I pulled out and reinstalled the CPU. I tried several different RAM slots - no help.

I am now at the point where i feel like i have regressed and have no idea what to do. I have removed all connecters from my MOBO and have only the large ATX power in and cpu power cords in. i have the indicator plugs in as well so that i can power on. i have 1 4gig stick of ram in the A2 slot. i have removed my GPU and HD drives. I attempted to reset the CMOS by switching the jumper from pins 1-2 to 2-3 before returning it to pins 1-2 after about 3 minutes.

Now, when i try to turn on the computer, i get a single flash of red light on the CPU and BOOT DEVICE led's before the computer turns off. likewise the cpu fan will spin for just a moment and then it will turn off. this happened before i reset the CMOS as well.

I have no idea where to proceed from here.
I basically followed all the steps outlined at http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-perform-steps-posting-boot-video-problems
and am now having problems beyond what i had before when i got to the point of trying to individually test the components.

please help!
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  1. Update: i was actually building 2 computers at once.

    the 2nd computer is working just fine. installing windows now.

    the only real difference in how i put these 2 together comes down to when i put the CPU in. is it possible that i bent the cpu pins on the cpu or the mobo? i just pulled it out again and took a look at it.

    I cannot see any bend in the pins, yet my computer which cannot post properly continues to be stuck at a solid red CPU light. the fan is working. is there any other option for what went wrong other than having messed up my cpu on my own somehow?
  2. Could be bad board or CPU, usually between the two it is more often the board. Since you are building two you have the luxury of being able to swap parts around for testing.
  3. U need to swap and swap like rolli59 said, till u find the problem. Most likely it is hardware fail.
  4. Try swapping the PSU.
  5. One of the things to check that the troubleshooting guide doesn't mention is the CPU fan and/or header. You probably already know that the CPU is designed to shut down if it gets too hot. If the heatsink fan isn't spinning, the CPU temp can rise ridiculously high, thus forcing the the CPU to shut down. Try removing the heatsink fan and then putting a similar-sized case fan. Now power up. Does the case fan spin while connected to where the heatsink fan was? If so, the problem could be a short in the heatsink fan. If not, then test the heatsink fan on the other system that can POST successfully.
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