Difference between WD Caviar SE and Caviar Blue

Hi everyone,i have two Western Digital harddrives.... 1 says '250GB Caviar SE 7200rpm' and the other says '250GB Caviar Blue 7200rpm'.I was wondering if their is a difference between the Caviar SE and the Caviar Blue and if so, which one i better? thanks.
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  1. The Caviar SE is older than the Caviar Blue. The Caviar SE has only a SATA I interface, the Caviar Blue is available in SATA II and SATA III.
  2. Big thanks pinhedd. :D
  3. you're welcome. The Caviar Blue sits nicely between performance and power/cost efficiency and thus will do nicely for most application drives. If you're looking for a system drive, I would recommend the performance oriented Caviar Black.
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