Flashed Asus M2N-Deluxe Motherboard, now won't work


I tried updating my Asus M2N-Deluxe Motherboard. I should have known better, don't fix what's not broken and all that. I used the Asus Update Utility, it said it didn't verify 100% but when I rebooted my computer it is using the new version of the bios. However, it won't let me into Windows 7. Please help!
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  1. Try a windows repair install!
  2. Go back into bios and check your sata port settings. If it's set to IDE set it to AHCI or maybe even RAID. Usually when Windows don't boot after a bios flash is because the SATA ports are set to a setting that it wasn't set to when windows was originally installed.
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    Windows Repair Install has NOTHING to do with flashing the BIOS.

    Settings issue?

    Maybe, but it's likely you need to reflash (if possible). If you can use BIOS that's a good sign.

    Find out how to flash without using Windows (probably using a USB flash utility with the new BIOS image copied to it.)
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