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I have a friend that asked me about this drive and if it was a good deal or not. 360gb Agility 3, $219.99 before rebate, and $199.99 after rebate. I usually only recommend Intel, Crucial, and Samsung SSD's, but this one looks like a steal for it's price. .60/gb before rebate, and .55/gb after rebate. What do you guys think?
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  1. Yes, that looks like a great deal. Make sure the drive is on the latest firmware version 2.22 before you install your O/S on it.
  2. I figured it was a good deal price wise, I just don't know about the reliability. I actually recommended he get something more known for reliability, like an Intel/Crucial/Samsung. It's hard to really justify paying so much more for one of those drives though, and get less space. lol. So I guess I will lose this debate, if this drive ends up being reliable for him. lol.

    Too bad the other manufacturers drives near this size wern't as cheap as this. Maybe by christmas they will be, hopefully. That's when I plan on getting a faster SSD and selling this old one to a friend. I would love a Crucial M4 512gb, or a Samsung 830 512gb for $200-250. :)
  3. sincreator said:
    I just don't know about the reliability.

    Yeah, that's why I mentioned updating the firmware to the latest version. :)

    Doing that along with updating the motherboard's BIOS to the latest version clears up the majority of reliability/compatibility issues with OCZ drives.
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