Windows 7 running slow after iis install

I’m running Windows 7 professional (64bit) and recently installed IIS. Now my Windows takes a long time to finish booting before I can use any applications. The HDD spins flat out for a very long time before I’m able to do anything. Any suggestions?
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  1. Check your bios settings, sometimes if you install windows and then change your bios HDD settings afterwards it will slow things down to a crawl. If you change AHCI to on you may not be able to boot but can update your registry before changing it over, AHCI speeds things up very well.
  2. BillJ

    Didn't install Windows or change bios. I installed IIS. I suspect this an application/services conflict.
  3. My bad, it seems you are not the only one having this same issue.

    Google: IIS installation slow response
  4. Check your event viewer. It could be timing out on boot?
  5. looks like I resolved my own problem.

    1.) Using msconfig, I changed my startup selection to "Selective Startup"
    2.) Disabled all Microsoft Service (because it's the longest list of services)
    3.) Selectively disable setting by Manufacture (Luckily, AVG happened to be the first in my list).
    Rebooted machine to determine impact. Presto!! the problem went away.
    I notice that AVG IDProtection and WatchDOG created extremely long boot delays (10-15 minutes).
    Subsequently, AVG was uninstalled and my machine boots very fast now.

    Hope this helps
  6. BTW...

    Not sure why this is connected to an IIS install, but its the only change made to my PC since problem occurred and it started right after.
  7. I guess I should have asked before but the first thing I ever do when my PC slows down is check my CPU usage, ctrl/alt/del, task manager and then sort by CPU usage!

    AVG may have been running some scans! I just went back to Norton internet security after having lots of issues with AVG.
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