System has no video with a 512mb stick inserted.Fine with 2 256 sticks

Well, Gmod runs quite slow on my old desktop, so I decided to take some DDR400 Ram out of my old pc and put it in my new one.

Upon booting, it would stay black, then the screen would flash the windows vista logo for 1/4 second, then say: "No signal input". and although I set the computer sleep for 100min, it fell into sleep mode at 3min. Although speakers were on at full blast, no sound came out.

this is a 512mb stick of DDR400 ram, that works in my Dell 4500, but will not in my custom computer.
Strangly enough, it works fine with 1 stick of 256mb DDR216, and 256mb DDR400, which slot did not appear to matter.

My computer specs:

Intel Pentium D 2.80 Ghz

2.25Gb DDR2 Ram , 2 slots for DDR400/333/216

80Gb HDD

Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit

450 Watt Power supply.

Please tell me how to fix my computer problem, because I would like to move on from this stinky old laptop...
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  1. Is the memory in your Dell 4500 specific to that system? What motherboard is in your new system? I presume that it's an old system as newer systems haven't used DDR memory for several years.
  2. My old dell 4500 has the 1.8 P4 /1gb/agp motherboard, my new computer's motherboard is an ASUS 775 Twins PD 2.8/3.06.

    The 256 stick of DDR216 came out of the dell too, it works though...

    EDIT: my 775 twin has room for 2 DDR2 sticks, which is filled by a 2gb, and a 256mb stick, and room for 2 ddr400 sticks, which are not occupied. It has enough room for 6gb, but I just want a 3gb quick fix to my slow problem, gotta go, don't know how long my internets going to hold up in this storm!!!
  3. ASUS have no such motherboard on their site. Please provide a link to your most likely ASRock motherboard.
  4. GhislainG said:
    ASUS have no such motherboard on their site. Please provide a link to your most likely ASRock motherboard.

    I don't know where it came from, it came in a package labled newegg, and it was asus.
    I got it for my b-day last year. Wow, power just went out too, I like the idea of a laptop...
  5. Use CPU-Z, mainboard tab to check the motherboard manufacturer and model number.
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