Updating the Firmware on a OCZ Vertex 3 120GB

Hey. Since OCZ's firmware updates don't allow using their usual tool to install on the same drive Windows 7 is installed (the SSD in my case). I'd have to use this guide:!-Bootable-tools-for-OCZ-SSD-s

Everything look good? I'm going to put the .iso on a usb stick or DVD/CD and then I set the boot priority to the USB? It boots to linux and then I just continue the firmware updating.

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    Yes, you burn the .iso to a CD/DVD or USB thumb drive similar to like you would a music file.
    Your SATA mode has to be AHCI.
    When you boot into Linux just double-click the icon that says "Firmware Update".
  2. What do you mean by SATA Mode to AHCI? Do I have to do that for every SATA device or is that just one option that applies to all?

    About the boot priority, it needs to be set to thumb drive FIRST right?

    And lastly, before I do ANY of this, can I use my old HDD with Windows on it and put it in this new PC in my signature with totally new hardware and it will work fine?

    Sorry for all the questions.
  3. The SATA port your SSD is connected to has to be in AHCI mode in order to update the firmware.

    Yes, your 1st boot device should be your USB drive. After you've updated the firmware you can then change it back to your SSD.

    Yes, you can connect your old HDD, copy any needed files, and then Quick format it.
  4. Wouldn't quick format kill the Windows 7 on it?
  5. Yes, it would. I thought you were going to install Win 7 on your SSD.
  6. I am but in 2-3 days or so when it gets here, can't I just plug in this old HDD in the new gaming build and use it until windows arrives? (by old I just mean it's in my previous build, it's not "old" it's sata 3 6gb/s".
  7. Iceycold said:
    can't I just plug in this old HDD in the new gaming build and use it until windows arrives?

    Yes, you can with no problem.
  8. Okay, was scared there for a second, lol. Then my plan is as follows, correct me if I'm wrong:

    Step 1: Wipe this current HDD
    Step 2: Install Windows 7 on SSD
    Step 3: Format my old HDD back in the new gaming PC + another 500GB hard drive
    Step 4: Update firmware on my SSD.
    Step 5: Play some games!
  9. Update the firmware before you install Windows on it.
  10. How? Will the "update firmware" still show on the Linux program off the USB even if the OS isn't loaded on the SSD? And will I'll need to format the SSD first before updating it correct?
  11. Linux is an O/S, not a program. OCZ has installed their firmware update program on it so that people who have their drive with Windows installed on it can update their firmware. If you want to update an OCZ drive from Windows then the drive cannot have Windows installed on it, it has to be a secondary drive in order to update the firmware from Windows.

    No, you don't need to format the drive in order to update its firmware.
    If fact, when you get around to installing Windows on the SSD don't manually format it; let Windows do it automatically during the installation process.

    Also, just an FYI, NEVER Full format an SSD, just Quick format if you have to.
  12. Alright got it, so I'll get Linux on the thumb drive FIRST, put the SSD in unformatted with no OS, set the boot device to thumb drive, and update firmware, THEN install windows.

    Also, is it fine to use a sata cable from another motherboard in this new one? I have an extra sata 3 6gb/s cable but it's from another ASUS motherboard. My new one is ASUS as well.
  13. Yes, you can use SATA cables from other motherboards. Even though the cables are labeled 3Gb/s they still should be able to transfer data at 6Gb/s speeds (unless you have poor quality cables).

    After you install Windows and all of your software benchmark the drive with ATTO software. If your Read/Write speeds are over 300MB/s then your cables are fine.
  14. Ok. Does it matter where I connect drives? Like if I put the SSD on Sata 0 and the HDD 1 on SATA 1 and HDD 2 on Sata 2 etc.
  15. Connect your SSD in AHCI mode to one of the 2 Intel 6Gb/s ports, not one of the ASMedia 6Gb/s ports.

    Connect your HDDs to the Intel 3Gb/s ports.
  16. Alright, I'm not going to install any drivers (aside from GPU driver) until Friday/Saturday when I actually install W7 on the SSD, hopefully that doesn't create any issues. I'm referring to mobo drivers etc.
  17. Shouldn't be a problem.
  18. Okay. Thanks for the help, I'll leave this thread open in case I have any further questions. But you'll get your "best answer" I promise lol.
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