Ram Voltage Reset Itself In Bios

My system will crash if I don't set the ram at 7 volts. I had my ram set to 1.7 volts in my motherboard(which is 2 years old). This has been set for about a two weeks. Suddenly today my system crashed and kept getting segmentation faults. I checked the bios and the ram was back at 1.5 volts. All other custom bios settings were unchanged. How could of this happened? I know it was at 1.7 volts before because my system wouldn't of run for so long(two weeks) without crashing.
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  1. Have you checked to see if the CR2032 3V Lithium Cell CMOS Battery is holding a charge or have you tried replacing it?
  2. ^1 ko888!

    dman777 also check to see whether the voltage settings are on 'Auto' or 'Manual' (1.7 V is rather high for RAM).
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