Is this a good gaming setup?

Here is what I started off with a HP Pavilion M8400F

and now ive upgraded the graphics card to a radeon hd 4890 and the power supply to 700w

and now im going to add these things to my computer too

is this a good setup for gaming?
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  1. HAF 922 is a better case for about the same price. The Mobo is used, I wouldnt go that route personally, but thats just my opinion, its a good mobo otherwise.

    That's not a good power supply, check the Antec and Corsairs at 750W. You dont want to skimp on PSU...

    I would recommend a 5XXX series over a 4890 any day, primarily for DX11 and heat /power (5770 is a great option with crossfire capabilities.)
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