Which HDD's for a RAID5


After some time reading the forum and finally joined.
I've bought a NAS (VE-HOTECH HOME) and now need to find some HHD's to put inside.
Was looking for 4 HHD's to set in RAID 5 and (1To each) and after a lot of reading on the web and head scratching cannot find what to buy.
First was looking for the cheapest HHD (WD10EARX / ST1000DM003 / HD103SJ) but seems that they do not work properly on RAID (especially RAID 5).
So what would you recommend as a HDD (not too expensive) for this setting?

Thanks :wahoo:
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  1. What drives are certified to work with that NAS? You shouldn't rely on what drives work with Intel or AMD.
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