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I have successfully hidden media-slot drives E,F,G,H in "Computer" on an XP-sp3 PC using Tweak-UI.
But "Safely remove hardware" (SRH) still lists the media slots even when they are empty.
The SRH icon in sys-tray is always showing inspite of custom notification (CN):= "Hide when inactive"
Have changed CN to "always hide" and now SRH is listed in "past items"

How can I only show slots that contain a card on the SRH popup. (USB thumb drive "I:\" is not a problem
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  1. Due to a lack of interest on this forum ...

    I found a third party program "USB Safely Remove" that replaces Windows safely-remove.
    I trialled three freebies but they were very weak, one disappeared if I ejected one USB device but there was one remaining. (Had to resort to windows safely-remove)
    "USB Safely Remove" is not free, it nags until you pay. But for home users the us$20 fee is a bargain for use on all 5 PCs I have. (Has good monitoring of new connections and lists devices by name + drive letter, you are never left wondering what is happening)
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