How to make my hard drive back to work?

I`m having problem with my Creative 500GB external hard drive wit two partitions made Ntsc and fat32. My laptop doesn`t see it straight away, after about a minute asks to format the disc to be able to use it. Tried other laptop too, same story.The thing is that there is lots of data on it. But the funny thing is that when pluged up to my samsung tv everything`s ok. Obviously can`t open unsupported files like pdf, but films and pictures are ok. Any help please, to make it back to work on my laptop?
Thanks a lot
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  1. 1) Click the Safely Remove Hardware icon at the bottom right corner near the clock/time area on your desktop to safely remove your external hard disk.
    2) Off the power supply of your external hard disk.
    3) Unplug the usb cable of your external hard disk from your computer.
    4) On the power supply, replug in the usb cable.
    5) You will see the error message, Please Cancel it. (DON'T click Okay/Format/Whatever, click the X if necessary).
    6) Click the Start button
    7) Go to Accessories
    8) Click Command Prompt
    9) Type chkdsk e: /f (if your external hard disk drive is Drive E)... Replace the e letter if your external hard disk is not drive e.
  2. sounds like your drive is going bad. get it to a professional before it dies completely.
  3. Right click on the drive go down to propreties and click. Then go run a disk scan or check disk. If it is working you should be able to see what you need if this succeeds.

  4. Thanks for help, but still doesn`work. Ran disc scan, no errors, just message to format it.
    Tried with commant prompt,my letters are F,G but "cannot open volume for direct access".
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