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Just wondering if corsair value select ram is any good and what is the difference between it and regular corsair ram?
I'm not a big time gamer other than playing tiger woods 08 and sim city 4 on a dailey basis.
Due to being disabled I am on a tight budget so I need to watch the $.
I am running a XP home OS on a old asus a8n32-sli deluxe a-life gaming MB,cpu is just a amd 64, and graphics card is MSI N450gts cyclonne.
Right now I have Corsair xms Ddr 400 Pc 3200 ram and I kow one stick is going bad.
What i would like to do is get 2 or 3 gb (2 1gb sticks and 2 -512)
I was looking at the corsair value but was hoping for some input on it or another reliable but affordable brand before making a purchase.
Thaks for any help or advice any one can give in advance
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  1. Update this is what I have in my pc now:
    Corsair Xms 2gb (2 X 1gb) Ddr 400 Pc 3200 Sdram Ram (P/N Cmc2Gx1M2A400C3)
    and I found this online:

    Can any tell me if corsair value select memory is anywhere near as good as that or should I just stick with the Corsair XMS
  2. I don't know whether this will help you, or confuse you even further, but I will share some information.

    On one PC running with Corsair Value Select, the RAM sticks turned out to be bad. Corsair replaced these with no problems. Now the PC is running fine.

    Corsair's XMS is definitely of higher quality than the Value Select. Better in the sense that the Quality Control and testing is better.

    My suggestion is to go with the XMS series. (I have 6 sticks of Corsair Dominator 2 GB running flawlessly for over 1 year).

    Check prices at Newegg too before you buy.
  3. Thanks for the reply.
    I checked prices at newegg but because the typ ram I eed is so old they don't the xms i need there or at tigerdirect Think I'm going to a bit more research and probably go with the XMS I found if I don't find it cheaper.
    I did find some used XMS in the past. Never going that route again:O
  4. Sounds like a good plan.

    I agree with you. Stay away from used RAM. Used RAM is RAM pulled out from de-activated computers and sometimes, proper anti-static procedures may not have been practiced.
  5. Best answer
    If you want your XMS modules replaced, you can RMA them to us.

    FYI, the Value Select is our OEM grade memory and it not as well suited for higher performance MOBOs or OCing. And, the heat spreaders are a nice touch in a system that is running a hot GPU, low case airflow, etc.

    That said, at stock, the VS memory is great and will get the job done.
  6. I must add that Corsair products and Corsair's Customer Support are superior!

    For me there is only Corsair for Power Supplies as well as RAM modules.
  7. Seeing the basically nonexistent price difference with RAM prices as they are right now, I'd just go with something of a little higher quality. You won't regret it. :D
  8. Thanks everyone for all the help.
    Yellowbeard I will find out what modules need to be replaced and look into RMA (do I need a receipt).
    Think I am going to stick with the XMS modules seiing how they have been good to me(other than the ones I got burnt on when I bought them used,(still have them sealed up in a anti-static bag somewhere also) and never got my money back for..
    Thanks again folks.
    Can someone glance at my previous post and tell me if the two RAM types I have listed there are the same thig though before I buy them.
  9. I used to use that all the time ( value select ). Not a thing wrong with it. I even used it in a couple of my 939 gaming machines. You'll never notice the difference between that and the pc3200.
  10. I highly recommend this:

    CORSAIR XMS 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Desktop Memory Model CMC2GX1M2A400C3

  11. Gatonius...follow Yellowbeard's advice and RMA them back to Corsair. Corsair service is superior and they'll take care of you.
  12. Thanks for all the help guys.
    Hard to pick best help because everyonr helped alot.
  13. Best answer selected by gatonius.
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