Ok, i have been dealing with this problem for like ever and I'm just getting sick of it. Everytime i play a game, it start/loads perfectly, until i get into gunsfights or outside areas which drops my FPS on ( 1024x768 resolution! ). I've tried lower graphics, tweaking the game, tweaking my nvidia CP. But none of it seems to work! I had an 450w PSU so i figure that was the problem. So, then i upgraded into a 500w Antec PSU and Antec 900 case and im still getting this problem!! Its very annoying, when i had my Dell Optiplex 760 it worked perfectly with the games im playing now with lower specs. I tried overclocking everything, still no difference.

My Specs:

Intel E7300 Stock
XFX 9800 GT 512MB
4GB 666Mhz RAM
Windows 7 Ultimate Extreme Edition ( 64-bit )
80GB EVGA HDD ( had a 250GB but it died )

And I'm using this PC for gaming
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  1. Have you seen what your temperatures are while you are playing the games?

    Edit: try this if you haven't
  2. What game specifically?
  3. My gfx card gets 45/46 under full load, and First person shooter games in general.
  4. Any thoughts yet?
  5. What game specifically?

    Such as for me my dating computer was not handling WoW. Now my new rig blows it out of the water 10x. Have you checked your temps while the game is running?
  6. Yeap, 48* max in gunfights.
    And the games are, Americas Army, COD4, And Combat Arms.
  7. No replies?
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