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Hi there,

I have been messing around with fraps and Battlefield 3 today seeing what the max settings I can record at are and I found something quite weird. When I record to my second Hard drive (Western digital caviar green 5900rpm 1Tb sata 2, yeuch 5900rpm), which is what your supposed to do to help prevent laggy fps, my fps drops to about 5. However when I record to my main drive (SSD Plextor 128Gb M3 510MB/s read 210MB/s write) I can record up to ultra settings at just over 20 fps and medium at around 45fps. I also know that I could be shortening my SSD's life by recording to it. I was thinking of getting a cheap £50 60GB SSD and using that or looking at getting something else, which is why I'm asking here, to see what you guys would recommend I do, whether or not I'm ok recording to my SSD or should I get a sata 3 HDD?


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  1. It's okay, but it depends on how much space your fraps recording sessions take. You can if you want, get a faster HDD (7200 rpm or 10000 rpm) that has more space to save money.

    Otherwise, getting an inexpensive SSD is fine.
  2. Just a comment on HDD, yes a 7200 RPM drive would help, But the Fact that it is a SATA III HDD vs a SATA II HDD makes NO difference. Avg throughput is NOT increased for a SATA III drive On SATA III port over using it on SATA II, or Just getting a High performance SATA II HDDs

    I'd go with the Cheap SSD as long as one large enough and your wallet does not go OUCH.
  3. Thanks for the answers, in response I will definitely get a cheap 60GB SSD and once recorded and compressed shove the files on my HDD, I figure £50 is worth it for the speed. However I'm a 16 year old with no job, but as it is the summer holidays I'm going to be doing some stuff for my parents and I'm just going to save for one, as I said earlier I figure it's worth it. Thanks for the info on Sata II and III.

    Cheers guys!
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