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Hello. I'm looking for some advice for people who are probably more up to date with hardware than I am. I am looking to build a PC that I can use to run windows and linux to work on some computer science stuff for college. I have been using a MacBook for the past 2 years, and miss having a desktop to come home to. Per the sticky thread:

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: in the next couple days
BUDGET RANGE: Around $700 after rebates

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: programming and playing games (not looking to build a super computer, but I'd like my games to look nice)

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor, keyboard/mouse, HDD, disk drive


PARTS PREFERENCES: doesnt really matter. looking at AMD for price and dx11

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: maybe (if it made the build cheaper)

MONITOR RESOLUTION: monitor supports 1900x1200, but I probably wont play games that high just so the quality can be higer


This is what I've spec'd out so far:

Case: (i know it's only got one fan...I'll swipe some from my old case)

Mobo: (going with this one for the usb3 mainly. don't care too much about sata6. I wish it had xfire so that i had the option of adding another video card later, but it's not that big of a deal)

CPU/Video card combo: (been building this around the 955 BE, and I thought about going with a 5770, I think i'll shell out the extra $170 so that I can future proof for (hopefully) a little while longer)

RAM/PSU combo: (not much to say...4gb ddr3 and 700w psu)

Total, after rebates, it comes out to $717.94

What do you guys think?
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  1. I would recommend against that RAM/PSU combo. I know it's cheap, but I'd get this instead (OCZ has been having issues with a lot of there RAM).

    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws -$116-
    PSU: SeaSonic S12II 520B -$70-
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