Default maximum capacity is wonky! RAID 0

So I have a Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard, with one 250GB Hitachi HDD, and one 160GB Hitachi HDD, both running at 7200RPM. In the RAID setup menu, it says the Hitachi has 232.8GB size, and the Samsung has 149.0GB size.

However, when I press "Create RAID Volume" and scroll down to capacity, it says below that the default capacity is the maximum size, and it is set to 298.1 GB.

What happened to the rest of the space? I calculated it out, and I'm supposed to have 381.8 GB of useable space. Can I set it to 381.8?

EDIT: I just read that the max capacity is the strip size * size of smallest disk.

Is there a form of raid that will allow me to use both drives to the fullest? Does my motherboard support JBOD?
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  1. Correct on Size of Raid0 = 2 x the smallest drive, For raid 1 = the size of the smallest.

    You should be able to span the two drives so that it equals Drive A + Drive B
    What advantage this is is Unknown as I'd just use it as drive X and Drive Y.
    That is the 160 Gig drive for OS + Programs (C-Drive) and and the 250 gig Drive (D-Drive)for storage. Simplifies imaging the OS and backing up your data. I never combine OS + Programs with My data, even if using a single drive.
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