Is it really worth installing your OS (windows) on an SSD

Before everyone just gives an ignorant "yes" to this question, please hear me out.

I'm looking to get an SSD for my 6 month old build to speed things up a bit. I don't really want to spend a lot of money on it if I don't have to. Which means I'll probably end up looking at the 64GB SSDs, or that equivalent price range. Now, here's my main question, other than quick boot up/down and sleeping the computer, does having windows installed on an SSD actually make using the computer faster. By "using" I mean using internet, docs, videos, games, etc. And this is assuming windows is the ONLY ONLY ONLY thing installed on the SSD, not the programs I'm actually using. I know the raw transfer speeds are quick, but I won't be storing any actual documents on the SSD. And I know if I install a game on the SSD it will load quick. I'm asking if windows is the only thing on the SSD, will there be any improvement other than boot times? I don't give a rat's ass about 15 second boot time differences.

Now, what I'm thinking about doing is leaving all 64GB free for installing my web browser, MatLab, antivirus, Office, some games and all my other most used programs. Can anyone give any thoughts on what performance I will see if windows is left off but I dedicate the SSD to every other program I use and a couple games. This is really what I'm curious about. Also, anyone who JUST has windows on an SSD boot drive, feel free to let me know what sort of performance increases there are when actually using said computer.

Thanks for any comments, I'm really curious what you guys think :D!
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  1. Yes it will. Many of the applications that you use have to interact with parts of Windows. Even if the bulk of your application data is on another drive, application startup time will be somewhat improved. It's especially advisable to put applications that you use often such as your internet browser onto your SSD.
  2. Your second paragraph will achieve faster loading because of your most used applications will be on the SSD. Whether windows will be on the SSD drive or not, changes boot times and system update install times.

    I have my OS on my SSD as well as my most used applications. I also have applications installed in my HDD and there is a significant difference.
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