Will I be ok buying a GTX 470 from Tiger Direct?

Hey guys I found an EVGA GTX 470 in stock on Tiger Direct for $380. Wondering if anyone's had a bad experience with Tiger Direct. I would have preferred to buy from Amazon or Newegg but the GTX 470 was out of stock there.

You think I'll be ok buying from Tiger Direct? Thanks.
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  1. Tiger Direct is a fine place to order from. Newegg is better, but if you can find a GTX 470 in stock, go for it.
  2. I've not had any issues from them. I like newegg better too, but they are a reputable company as well.
  3. I use both Tiger and the Egg for all of my component purchases. They are both very good.
  4. I've used tigerdirect since they first started, and there isn't a better place to do business with, period. They have great prices, great support and great return policy; plus the site is filled with extra info on memory, and cards, and storage media, and lots of tech stuff explained simply. Don't hesitate to use them. Others have mentioned newegg; I've never used them because I always find what I want at tigerdirect, but everyone I know who does use newegg says they are equal to tiger and one or the other will have a better price from time to time; both come highly recommended.
  5. I'd rather deal w/ newegg as their staff is more knowledgeable in my experience. They are also a bit more accommodating (I buy about $25k in components a year online). One advantage I recall w/ TD is that they work weekends.
  6. Tigerdirect is fine. They're prices are generally a little higher than Newegg, but when they have good deals, its worth jumping on. They've been great anytime I've dealt with them, and I've bought from them a few times.
  7. Only buy from TD if youre not entirely set on getting youre rebate(s) back. They are known for not giving them. Also, when applying for a rebate they will want to charge you $1 for a service that you can cancel within the first 30 days. This supposedly gives you discounts to TD and other retailers. After the 30 days its like $70. I told them NO about 4 times before he quickly wanted to get off the phone with me. I told him I just want my product I purchased and the rebate and better not be charged one cent more.

    Needless to say this was a big turnoff for me with TD. I just bought $1000 worth of items and most of that was through Newegg which I prefer much more. Only time will tell if my rebate gets "lost". I am not saying I wont purchase through TD anymore but they will be my absolute last resort if the price justifies it...without the rebate.
  8. Tiger Direct doesn't stock G.SKILL, what the heck. Other than that, they are great.
  9. Go with newegg.com, they're typically cheaper than tiger direct.
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