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Will an ATI radeon 5870 cost less in China than in the States??
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  1. I don't think so. If anything, shipping will be pricey. And why would you want to buy it out of state, especially from China, the land of bootleg? You can order an HD5870 from China and receive a CPU glued onto a green cardboard covered with a blue Hefty tupperware with two holes on one end. Even worse, it only fits in an AGP slot!O.O
  2. Maybe if it is manufactures in China then it may cost lesser than States.
  3. Well the reason why I asked because my parents are coming to visit me and on their way there are stopping by china. So I was thinking if 5870 would be less than $400 in china. My friend got a legit 5870 from china for only $169 because he bought it for the factory price. Even though I don't know how he got it for that cheap so I was thinking how much will the retail price be of the 5870
  4. Can't be entirely certain that it'll be cheaper. And they might not come with any warranty so it's a "buy at your own risk" type of situation. I personally would avoid buying from China unless your friend can hook you up with that $169 price tag.
  5. If you can pull a legit one for $169, I'd give it a go lol. AT that price, its probably worth the risk. If its over $200, probably not worth it:-)
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