Useing my old hard in my new build computer.

Can i take off the hard drive on my old computer and use it to build my new computer?

The hard drive on my old computer is a pre-built computer by hp.

Do I have to format it? or any specifically way to format it?

What should i know?
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  1. You need to know the type of interface (IDE, SATA). If you can plug in the interface and power and it is recognized in BIOS, it will work. You should format it if you are loading a new OS and you can do that when loading the OS. A new hard drive isn't really expensive and if you get a SATA drive you can take advantage of better performance and probably capacity (size).
  2. it is SATA. i am planning on doing a fresh install on window 7. So i could just format it, plug it in my new build computer(it would be my only hard drive), put in window 7 cd, and everything would work afterward?

    No lingering problem like missing drivers or such?

    and thanks for the reply.
  3. Everything should work, I mean it is nothing special... if you format it it will just be a regular blank drive and knowing HP it is probably a pretty slow drive
  4. the hard drive is this one.

    it is pre equip with window 7(no cd are needed to install) , since it is from a pre-built computer, i was wondering if that is gonna affect the bios.
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