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How can i break a password of my hard drive

i have used the EASY DRIVE LOCK software for locking the drive, i have not used to C:\, but i have used for all my remaining drive in same hard disk, and now i am notable to remember the password and the drive are not accessable
D,E,F,G. With important data on it my family pic and other stuff.
please let know how can i break the password or without breaking how can i backup all the data from the drives partitions

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  1. i would go with a bfh or bfg.
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    No one here can help you bypass a password for anything, Its against the ToS, ask the person you took the drives from. Reported.
  3. lol
  4. Any reason why you didn't backup the drive before installing EASY DRIVE LOCK? Have you read this in a review? However, there might be a problem with the shared resources. While testing the program I learned that any locked partitions can be accessed, if you enter the full path of an item (file or folder) into Windows Explorer. So much for protection. A locked partition can be accessed either locally or by using a remote machine this way. Have you tried accessing the drives as \\system_name\d$, etc.?
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