"Can This Play Crysis?" :) =ATI Mobility 5470


I recently bought an Asus K52jr notebook with i3 2.26 Ghz processor and 1Gb ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470.

According to this site: http://www.notebookcheck.net/ATI-Mobility-Radeon-HD-5470.23698.0.html
it can barely play Modern Warfare 2 at medium settings.

But when I tried playing Modern Warfare 2 on my notebook, I was able to max out the details at 1366x768 resolution (or was that 1280x768 i forgot..)

The website only showed estimates though, so I didn't expect it to be accurate in its so-called benchmarks (or rather, they only compared it to the GPU before it)

Anyway, after reading so many "But can it run Crysis" in comments in the past articles in TH (you can't post that now here at Tom's.. =p), it made me wonder if anyone has tried running Crysis on this GPU, or on this notebook. I'm asking cause I don't have an installer of Crysis.

That's it.
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  1. you MAY be able to run it at w/e the 800x600 equiv is for widescreen notebook. BUt probably not.
  2. I would say it can if you dont use AA and highest detail settings.
    Best to find out is to download and install crisis demo :)

    And keep us posted.
  3. well i originally completed (thats right, the entire game, my first ever playthrough) crysis, on an Asus n10j qhich has a 9300m.

    that was minimum settings and about 14fps. you have a considerably more powerful processor and a much more powerful GPU. i imagine you will be fine on the lowest settings, but its hard to say for sure. and of course it dpeneds on your tolerance of lower framerates.

    you may well be able to get 30fps while lowered though.
  4. give crysis demo a try.
  5. Spend $15 and run it, it won't be at the highest settings, but it will run...
  6. @everyone,

    Thanks for the replies.

    wouldn't want to spend $15 though and find out i can't enjoy playing the game due to low fps.

    Anyway, trying a demo never crossed my mind. (*facepalm). Special thanks to xrodney and demonn for the idea. Will try soon and post an update here unless someone beats me to it. But then again, I'm not so sure how many here in TH has the same notebook with me.

    @welshmousepk: Thanks. At least now I know It will be playable with this GPU+CPU at lowest settings.

    Still curious what the maximum settings the ATI M. 5470 + i3 2.23Ghz can achieve that is playable.

    *This is still open for more ideas until I get the chance to download a demo and try it myself (or, again, someone beats me to it).

    p.s. I can't download a demo as of the moment cause I'm using the internet in the office and I have no internet at home.

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