Inbuilt monitor speakers wont work

I've just bought a Digimate L-1962WD screen which claims to have built-in speakers.
It came with a 3.5mm audio jack so I plugged it into the back of the scren and into the green socket in the back of the computer (to the onboard motherboard slots).
The PC itself does have a dedicated sound card, and I've tried putting it in there, but neither works.
I'm on Windows XP and am happy to provide any further information that you require!
When I go into "Sound and audio devices" in the control panel, the only playback device it can find is "SB Live! Audio [D000]"

Please advise!


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  1. Did it come with any CDs/drivers? Is there any audio when using other speakers? I'm looking at Digimate's (never heard of them) site and can't find anything but user manuals. See if you can find any drivers for your monitor if haven't any.
  2. Yes I couldn't find any drivers either. It didn't come with a CD or anything no.
    I'll try testing it out with some other speakers and get back to you on that.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hmm, I tried using the audio cable into the auzillary input into my radio and it doesn't seem to be playing any sound.
    Is there a way to test if the PC is actually giving out any sound through its motherboard/soundcard at all?

  4. What's your motherboard? You might have to install some audio drivers for that motherboard.
  5. How do I find out?
  6. If you bought your PC from the store just tell us what brand/model it is. If you built it yourself and you don't know what mobo is in there then you will have to open it up and see if it's labeled anywhere on the board, or find an old receipt.

    I'd try hooking up headphones to your PC to test the audio, one less point of failure than with the stereo. If you don't get sound with the headphones either then you know the problem is with the computer.

    Make sure that there aren't any auxiliary power inputs on that monitor.

    If I'm understanding correctly above it sounds like you've got both a sound card as well as on-board audio? You might have to go into the sound mixer (I can't remember what it is in XP) but there is a place to select what device you want to use as your primary sound output.
    If you can find out what type of sound card that it is in your computer then that will help, as making sure you've got the mobo onboard audio drivers won't help us if you're plugged into the sound card.
  7. I got a friend to build it...a very long time ago.

    Is there no program or in the device manager that will list the make/model of both the motherboard and the soundcard, as unfortunately I know neither?

    I'll hook up some headphones in a bit and get back to you how they work.

    I can't find a sound mixer or anything anywhere, but I've gone into the control panel and sound and audio device settings and on the drop down menu for sound playback it only displays "SB Live! Audio [D000]"

    Here are some pictures that I hope help:

    Bottom of my motherboard, just under the sound card

    The sound card from the back

    The motherboard audio device sockets from the back

    Thanks again,

  8. Take that sound card out and try the onboard audio device.
  9. Took the soundcard out and worked fine. Thanks for all your help.
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