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I am having a hard time deciding whether or not to build my own computer. I was wondering if you guys could give me some reasons why you do.

I mean on ebay, I get a refurbished HD Elite with corei7, 8gb ram, 750 gb hdd, alright graphics card, for 600-700 dollars. This seems to be cheaper than I can buy the parts myself. Aside from the fun of building your own pc, why build your own computer? (oh yeah, and overclocking, but I haven't really made up my mind on whether I'm going to be doing that)
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  1. If you are alright with purchasing a computer from ebay then I can't help you. The CPU could be fried, faulty, fake, or fine. The 8gbs of ram could be 2gbs, the hard drive could be refurbished, crashed, or faulty, and the graphics card could be fake. It's Ebay, you want a computer, buy it from newegg, amazon, or or any major retailer.

    For all you know that computer could be overvoltaged improperly, overclocked too much, or any number of issues. It could have viruses meant to steal your identity. Building your own computer ensures that only what you want on it is on it. It allows you to upgrade piece by piece and ensures that you have to parts you want. Every detail is something you chose or leveraged against others. You can ensure you have what you need to do what you want and aren't paying for something you don't need.
  2. GuardianAngel42 says it pretty well. I build because I know exactly what's going into my system. I know what's in there are quality components. I know that what I put in there comes from a reliable source. I know that when I'm done building, it's going to be quick, slick, and efficient. I know it's going to do exactly what I intend it to do and nothing more. Aside from the pleasure I get from building, this is exactly why I'll choose to spend a few extra bills as opposed to purchasing pre-builds; regardless of whether they come from EBay, Best Buy, or Wally-World.

    -Wolf sends
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