230mm case fan for thermaltake V9 gaming case

I need a new case fan for my case because a fan blade broke off, screwing up the balance and causing my whole computer to shake, a lot. Needless to say, I had to disconnect it. I would just break off a fan blade to rebalance it, but there are an even number of blades left meaning I would have to break off two, crippling the performance of the fan.

I hate blue, just a personal thing, and do NOT want a blue LED fan. I would much prefer a Red LED fan. Green is also not an option.

I also don't care so much about noise as long as the fan performs well. A higher RPM fan would be appreciated. Any suggestions?

Oh, and I am not averse to juryrigging a solution. The top of the case where the broken fan is has a metal grille that would support screws so non "compatible" fans are also desired. the necessary dimensions for that are </=230mm and a depth of 25mm.
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  1. is the closest i could find 2 wut ur trying 2 get.
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  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
  5. the problem is not the housing it is the fan itself. what is happening is the fans clip that holds the rotor of the fan to the rest of the fan is plastic and wears quickly, a easy fix is to remove the sticker on the back and there is a rubber circle in the middle remove that and you will see the plastic clip that is holding fan together. find a old worn out Pc fan and take out the C clip (also called E clips) with a pair of tweezers and then replace the plastic clip with the metal C clip (also called E clips) and Bam you have a fully working fan again that will no longer cause you problems. also all the fans in this case have this problem sooner or later.
    NOTE: only replace the white plastic ring not the rubber ring below it. the rubber ring is to help dampen the vibration.

    If you do not have an old pc fan the clips can be found online for about 1-2 dollars for 12 or more of them. not sure on the size i think its either 2 or 2.5 mm clips. either way much cheaper then buying new fans. Since it can be used to fix all the fans in the case.
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