Graphics card and heat!!!!

i just wanted to know just for knowledge sake which company cards produces more heat nvidia or ati . i am currently using 8600gt and not at all happy with this old stuff. its temp jumps more than 100 degrees Celsius with just half hour of game play.
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  1. Sounds like you have an issue there, maybe the heat sink has come away from the card or it could just be full of dust. Dust is a computers no 1 enemy. Have you opened it up and had a look ? If not do so and carefully check the blades on the fan and if there is a lot of dust there then clean it CAREFULLY. Anyway at the performance level of the 8600 you shouldn't really get heat issues, if you do the card isn't cooling properly.
    Heat starts to be an issue with higher tier cards especially top end cards as they draw a lot of power or mid to high end cards if in a multi card set up.

    Check the card first then get back to us and list system specs/budget and what you want to do with a new card, mainly gaming ? or some video playback ? Then we can recommend something to suit.

  2. Hello :)
    It depends on the models that you are considering
  3. hmm,
    i opened my cabinet to my shock! there is no heat sink fan attached to my gpu . i guess that's the reason for such a heat . i just cannot bare any more heat issues like this so wanted to know which company's gpu produces more heat . i don't care much about performance but the card shouldn't heat like a hot plate .
  4. Like Maziar said, it depends on the GPU model. However if not gaming, a card like an ATI 5450 or 5570 will be cheap and low power (and low power = less heat = cooler running).
  5. An ATI 5570, 4650, or 4670 would be cooler running and an upgrade in performance. See:,2569-6.html
  6. ya your right. i got to change my damn! small cabinet first and add some cooling fan to it.

    thanks you all for reply..
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