Intel,OCZ or Kingston hyper x ssd 240 gb

I want a 240 gb ssd and I dont want to spend to much on it I know I can get 2 120 gb ocz's for 60 bucks a peice. I really want an intel is there any way i can get 240 gb for like 200 dollars?
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  1. 2fast4thetown_down said:
    I really want an intel is there any way i can get 240 gb for like 200 dollars?

    Sorry, but no. Intel is not participating in the current SSD price drop war. :)

    Intel charges a premium for reliability.
  2. Is it worth it to get an intel or should I stick with an ocz?
  3. I'm running a kingston hyper x as my boot drive and it's super fast!
  4. Can you post a link to one that is 240 gb for less then $150
  5. I wish it was that cheap, i bought my 120gb for $129.00 on sale at newegg a few weeks ago.
  6. OCZ has one that is really cheap look at this

    256 gb for 190 and it is the new one with everest on it
  7. Great SSD deal for that amount of storage.
  8. You should buy it that is an awesome deal.
  9. Just ordered the Samsung 830 256 gig for $180 yesrerday, and two weeks ago I ordered a Curcial 256 Gig M4 for $180 (already installed in my Laptop).

    I stick pretty much to the Curicial M4 and the samsung 830, both right up there with intel oon reliability. OCZ, I pretty much stay away from although I do Have a pair of 120 gig Agility III. They are a low cost good drive for SATA II ( They are kind of a waste of a sata III port.

    Concur good price on the agility IV, Slightly more than what I paid for the last two 256 gig SSDs
  10. i am not going to buy it for a month will prices significantly drp by then? If they do should I get an intel?
  11. I have 2 Intel drives,Pluis m4 and Samsung 830. Which ever of the three is cheapest at the time of purchase is what I buy. I see NO reason to pay the premium for Intel, And the past two sales havebeen great.
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